Pettifers is an English
garden in the Oxfordshire
village of Wardington

Since 1984, owner Gina Price has transformed Pettifers into one of the most influential gardens in England.
Ribbons of plants flow through the borders, creating a glowing tapestry of colour.
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Inspired by the colours of India
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The garden descends in levels towards the medieval landscape
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As winter closes in, the garden reveals its underlying structure.
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“When I think about who has been most influential in…Today, (I) think of..Rosemary Verey, Penelope Hobhouse, Julie Toll..Gina Price at Pettifers – not a professional designer but such a brilliant one.. I can’t think of any (men) who have influenced design more than these women.”

Arabella Lennox-Boyd – Gardens Illustrated

Whatever happened to the rules of colour?

Tim Richardson – Country Life

    Gina Price – Owner

    Gina’s Story

    In the summer of 84 James and I moved to Pettifers, where the garden of 1 and a half acres was waiting for us. Initially we began ploughing the land down the bottom, laying out the par terre, and learning as I went along.

    Influenced by Dianey Binney of Kiftsgate, I made my borders wider and wider. She, and her sister Betsy, came over to criticise and advise. By the time they died my style was changing. Out went a lot of roses and shrubs, and larger drifts of plants evolved. In went grasses. My borders have to look good from April to November. Now I am paying attention to winter.

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